Listed below is our base price list for our basic services. Please call if you have any special circumstances or you would like a FREE phone consultation.

$100 Per Hour / Diagnostic

Our hourly rate is $100 for the first hour minimum and $100 per additional hour.
Examples of Services covered under this rate:

  • Training
  • Loading software
  • Installation of miscellaneous items
  • Virus/ spy-ware removal.
  • Everything else except for Total Recovery can fall in this category

$175 Total Recovery

This is a flat rate for a Total Recovery of data and Operating System (For example, a full reload of Windows). This type of service can take 2 or more hours to complete due to the job requirements. This flat rate fee is to protect our customers from excessive fees.

Example of Services covered under this rate:

  • Backing up old data files
  • Reinstalling the operating system
  • Loading all drivers needed to operate computer
  • Reinstalling printers, scanners, copiers
  • Reloading old data
  • Reconnecting the internet to the pc

$25 Travel Fee

There is a travel fee that is charged at time of service for the normal wear and tear on the vehicles and travel reimbursement for the driver. This fee will be attached to any single trip/ job. This is a nonnegotiable, nonrefundable fee.

Parts — Call for Quote

The cost of parts varies daily in the computer industry. We have discounts we receive from vendors of computer parts and in addition access to specials that run daily from our vendors. We will always search for the lowest prices possible for the best quality and most reliable products at time of service. If you are wanting to upgrade, please call and we can give you an estimate on parts cost. All parts include an installation fee. All purchases will include sales tax for your respective County.

Business Services — Call for FREE Onsite Consultation

Every company has special requirements. Please call for a consultation and we will submit a proposal for the business. Services we provide include:

  • Network VPN
  • Exchanger Server Setup
  • Authentication Server Setup
  • Firewall
  • Full System Integration
  • Backup System Setup
  • And more...