I am thrilled with the improvement of the performance of this computer. Many thanks for coming all the way from Surprise to help us.


My family and I moved here from Boston and we needed someone to hook up our wireless network for our new home with two laptops. It was a challenge because of the layout of the house and the phones used, but he insisted on working on the problem until we were satisfied. He never dropped the ball (mouse!) once. Many would say, "sorry, nothing can be done" after the first attempt. He is professional, courteous and is eager to satisfy. I would be more than happy to give Got Nerd a recommendation if anyone should inquire.

Our computer was pretty much dead, and although we hadn't reached the blue screen of death yet, we were beset with pop-ups, adware, trojan horses, viruses, and all kinds of problems which we couldn't remove even with the new software we had installed. We were pricing new computers and software, figuring that our computer was 5 years old anyway, and our nephew who works with computers told us that the hard drive was shot and beyond repair. With the last of our 4 children finishing college this year, we weren't looking forward to the expense involved.

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